The Lightest Element In FinTech.

Hedgeable's open & modular Hydrogen platform vastly accelerates the digitization of savings, investing, insurance, and wealth products globally. 1H is fintech life.

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Hydrogen Features.

Modular, extendable, and scalable REST APIs bring your products to market in the lightest way possible. Product builds taken from 3 years to 3 months!

  • Innovation

    APIs built on top of award winning culture of innovation.

  • Expertise

    5+ years of U.S. consumer product experience leveraged.

  • Proprietary IP

    Hundreds of proprietary systems exposed to partners.


    Modular, extendable, and scalable REST APIs.

  • Infrastructure

    Entire front office tech infrastructure in a box.

  • Investing

    Hedgeable's full investing capabilities via API.

  • Add-Ons

    Beautiful UI and admin widgets populate as you use APIs.

  • Global

    Any product, any language, any currency, any market.

  • Connectors

    API connections to dozens of mid and back-office functions.


Build products & platforms on top of our infrastructure.

Build & run anything from micro-investing to institutional platforms, anywhere globally off the same common infrastructure. Our users include some of the largest banks, insurers, and asset managers worldwide, representing trillions in assets! That's the power of 1H, the lightest and most abundant element in fintech.

  • Goals, savings, micro-investing, brokerage, financial planning
  • Retail, mass affluent, high-net worth, B2B
  • Retirement, pension, discretionary, non-discretionary
  • Private banking, institutional, advisor facing


3rd Party Extensions

Feeling overwhelmed by the dozens of integrations you will need to run a digital platform? Well, you're in luck. Once you build on top of 1H, you can switch on 3rd party APIs for analytics, data, support, compliance, communication, aggregation, brokerage, and more. No coding needed!

Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary AI platform

Once you feed data into our APIs, not only can you get instant UI/UX, business intelligence, and admin capabilities, but also access to our AI platform. Predictive analytics, bots, assistants, intelligent risk profiling, deep learning investing.

We have one of the world's leading & award winning AI Labs, specializing in building unique products exclusive to the savings, investing, and wealth markets based on our years of customer interactions at Hedgeable.

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